In their most recent “Food Futures’ report, a study that assessed 15 topics in the UK food system “from farm to fork”, WRAP argue that there is a significant opportunity for the food sector to take advantage of 21st century trends to become a more effective, healthy, environmentally secure and profitable sector.

WRAP’s chief executive, Liz Goodwin, was quoted as saying “In the next 10 years, we will be faced with challenges around feeding a growing population and nutritional system. Our ‘Food Futures’ report highlights how governments, businesses and we, as consumers, can turn these challenges into opportunities”.

The report’s recommendations include:

  • Creating more diverse, and consequently more resilient, supply chains.
  • Reduce pre-retail food waste.
  • Drive product and supply chain innovation through big data strategies.

The future of the food system in the UK, Europe and globally is a hot topic. In the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s recent Growth Within report, food was one of three sectors analysed in detail. Last week, at the Disruptive Innovation Festival, the report’s project lead, Ashima Sukhdev, presented key findings and answered questions for a live online audience. The recording of that event is available for a limited time.

Source: Food Futures

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