The carmaker is not the only company poisoning the air. Yet still our government blocks effective legislation

The latest figures suggest it now kills more people in London than smoking. Worldwide, a new study estimates, it causes more deaths than malaria and HIV-Aids together. Iā€™m talking about the neglected health crisis of this age that we seldom discuss or even acknowledge: air pollution.

Heart attacks, strokes, asthma, lung and bladder cancers, low birth weight, low verbal IQ, poor memory and attention among children, faster cognitive decline in older people and ā€“ recent studies suggest ā€“ a link with the earlier onset of dementia. All these are among the impacts of a problem that, many still believe, we solved decades ago. The smokestacks may have moved to China, but other sources, whose fumes are less visible, have taken their place. Among the worst are diesel engines, sold, even today, as the eco-friendly option, on the grounds that their greenhouse gas emissions tend to be lower than those of petrol engines. You begin to wonder whether any such claims can still be trusted.

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Source: Guardian Environment