Let’s elevate plants from their throwaway status and recognise their vital role in keeping us all alive, argues Robbie Blackhall-Miles

Humanity is suffering from an illness the extent of which is not fully known. The impact of this is being felt across the globe. It renders humankind unable to see the plants in their environment and leaves us deeming the vegetation that surrounds us as nothing more than wallpaper, a nice background for the more important things that enhance our lives.

Take a photograph of a lion in the wild in Africa and ask anyone what they see. The answer you will invariably get is “a lion”. If you are lucky, you may get the answer “a wild lion” or if you are extremely lucky, “a wild lion in Africa”. Generally you won’t get the answer “The African savannah in the dry season with some amazing acacia scrub and a lion lying on a bed of dry red grass (Themeda triandra) in the shade of a really old sausage tree (Kigelia africana)”.

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Source: Guardian Environment