Lawyers acting for Volkswagen drivers in UK attack ‘lack of clarity’ while German press reports Bosch warned VW over emissions-rigging devices in 2007

Lawyers for UK drivers have urged Volkswagen to “come clean” over exactly which cars have been affected in Britain by the emissions-rigging scandal that has rocked the global car industry.

The call came as German newspapers claimed the company had been aware of the cheating several years ago. At its near-10-hour meeting in Wolfsburg on Friday, the company’s 20-member board discussed an internal report that showed an employee warned in 2011 about the illegal use of software for emissions tests, according to the Conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, citing sources close to the board. Bild reported that Bosch, which supplied the software for test purposes in 2007, warned about its planned illegal use at the time.

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Source: Guardian Environment