IMF chief fears ‘bumpy’ ride and warns that global growth is weaker than hoped, as China’s manufacturing shrinks at fastest rate since 2012

8.29pm BST

S&P 500: 497 stocks down today. With data going back to 1996, hit 500 only once: August 8, 2011. $SPX

Sobering: 497 of the 500 stocks in the S&P 500 are down overall today (at the moment). August 8 is a bad day in US market history – it’s the day Standard & Poor’s (the S&P of S&P 500) downgraded US sovereign debt from AAA or “risk free” to AA+, better known as Black Monday 2011.

8.10pm BST

Here’s a quick chart of all the stocks on the Dow just before the top of the hour, ranked by largest chunk of share price lost thus far today. Data captured at 2:58pm.

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