A new report “Rearranging the Furniture”, produced by think-tank RSA and resources company SUEZ, has suggested that there is a significant opportunity for the UK to take better advantage of ‘bulky waste’. It revealed that 1.6 million tonnes of bulky waste, 42% of which was furniture, is sent to landfill every year with over 50% judged to be in reusable condition.

The report recommends that local governmental bodies could play a role in creating the logistics/collection networks required to better utilise furniture items.

From an economic perspective, reuse is one of the most inner loops of the technical side of the circular economy, it provides high value, but the challenge is in developing redistribution mechanisms that work financially.

Source: Britons throw away more than 300,000 tonnes of reusable furniture every year

Lead image credit: Joss Bleriot

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