Take a trip through the history of American enterprise with a new, hands-on exhibit in Washington DC

Visitors to Washington DC this summer have a new stop to add to their itineraries. American Enterprise, an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, features an 8,000 square-foot gallery housing more than 600 objects, images and hands-on activities that trace the country’s development from a small, dependent agricultural nation to one of the world’s most vibrant economies.

The Innovation Wing installation, which opened 1 July and runs through 2035, covers the “Merchant Era” (1770s–1850s), the “Corporate Era” (1860s–1930s), the “Consumer Era” (1940s– 1970s) and the “Global Era” (1980s–2010s). Visitors will find stories on industry leaders and a biography wall with capsule stories of inventors, entrepreneurs, marketers and regulators.

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