Piclo, a collaboration between energy startup Open Utility and renewable energy provider Good Energy, has started a six month trial, which now also includes the Eden Project to test out of the possibility of a peer-to-peer renewable energy market.

The aim is to test a service that would be the UK’s first online marketplace for renewable energy, allowing the direct buying and selling of renewables between consumers.

The innovative trading service allows generators of renewable energy to sell directly to local consumers. Piclo gathers price and other information and then matches electricity demand and supply in half hourly slots throughout the day.

The Eden Project will be a part of an initial trial hoping to use Piclo to unlock local energy markets. Through Piclo, local generators could become the centre’s main energy providers.

This service represents an interesting exploration, which challenges energy industry norms for choice and effectiveness. The topic of the future of energy often oscillates around the transition to renewable energy, but the systems and manner in which energy is consumed could also be more effective. Localisation of energy is an oft-explored topic, most recently with Tesla’s Powerwall product. Piclo’s renewable energy marketplace represents another potential piece of the future as the energy sector continues to adapt and evolve.

Source: Eden Project backs UK’s first online peer-to-peer renewable energy market

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