Deer in a London park are failing to mate because of intrusive snappers. With wildlife already under threat, photographers need to focus on acting ethically

Every year the Natural History Museum puts on an exhibition of the most wonderful wildlife photographs. Every year I enter a fantasy universe in which I retreat to a hide with thousands of pounds’ worth of camera equipment to wait for the perfect fraction of a second that will win me such accolades. But then reality returns and I go back to photographing my son’s choir. But budding wildlife photographers have had their moment in the spotlight this week because of the impact they are having on the red and fallow deer in Richmond Park.

Right now the deer are coming to the end of the rut – the breeding season – which sees males display and fight in a most photogenic manner. And one has to wonder whether a swarm of 60 photographers surrounding a male as he tries to mate just might be an inhibitor to successful reproduction. It would certainly affect my capacity to perform.

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Source: Guardian Environment