‘Whatever nature gives us, we make cheese with it,’ is a motto for Saxon Creamery, a dairy farm in Wisconsin, where sustainable cheese is seeing a boom

Not far from Lake Michigan is Saxon Homestead Farm, a Wisconsin dairy farm that’s been in the Klessig Family for five generations. A few hundred cows roam the fields, and nibble from a veritable buffet of more than 30 grasses, clovers and other plants. They’re milked twice daily in an open-air milking parlor modeled after the ones in New Zealand, a country known for both quality dairy and sustainable farming practices.

Saxon Farm is not your typical Wisconsin cheese production plant – there are no orange bricks of cheddar being made here. Over the past decade, more and more small dairy farms in Wisconsin have opted to focus their businesses on artisan cheeses – “farmstead cheese” in industry parlance – and to do so embracing sustainable production practices.

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Source: Guardian Environment