A new report, initiated by the Nordic Waste Prevention Group and titled, “Moving towards a circular economy – successful Nordic business models” has been released discussing the circular economy opportunity in a Nordic context, and highlighting 18 case examples from the region.

The case studies showcase a number of different circular economy business model opportunities, including repair and reuse, improved product design, servitisation, new recycling and waste management practices and collaborative consumption.

The findings from the report were wide ranging, including the recommendation for hard reuse targets (as opposed to recycling), the identification of economic opportunities in specific sectors, most notably textiles and (W)EEE.

In general, the Nordic markets start in a relatively advanced position in terms of transitioning to the circular economy, but the “Successful Nordic business models” suggests that even in that context, there is a significant opportunity for innovators, businesses and governments to exploit.

Source: Moving towards a circular economy: successful Nordic business models

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