These quick and easy tips help you to prevent the pesky blood-sucking insects from making a meal out of you

Those bites you got at last night’s barbeque? They’re not entirely random. Mosquitoes are attracted to a variety of chemical compounds, meaning your body type, activity level and even what you’re drinking have an effect on whether or not you’ll end the day with zero bites or five.

Besides carbon dioxide (CO2), which they can detect from more than 50 feet away, mosquitos are more attracted to active people because they release a greater amount of chemical signals through their perspiration than sedentary people do. Larger people also put out more of these signals, making them easier targets. Other major draws include body heat – heat sensors in mosquitoes’ mouths help them track sources of warm blood – and the odor of lactic acid excreted through skin. Additionally, recent research suggests the insects may prefer those who’ve had a couple of beers.

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