The entrepreneur, best known for her Ultimo brand, is David Cameron’s latest business adviser. Critics may say she is more glamour than substance, but she is being tipped for a peerage

In January 2014, David Cameron hosted a lunch at 10 Downing Street for 15 Scottish executives to discuss the forthcoming referendum. He might not have said so explicitly, but the prime minister wanted their backing for the No vote. Michelle Mone, the founder of Ultimo lingerie, whose parent company claims to employ 63,000 people, was one of those in attendance and she remembers the occasion in her recent autobiography, My Fight to the Top. “I was listening to them all thinking, ‘You arse-lickers. Tell him how it really is,’” she wrote. Mone proceeded to do exactly that, announcing to the room: “Your Better Together campaign is rubbish.”

This forthright display seems to have had an impact on Cameron. Or perhaps he appreciated Mone’s support: the 43-year-old entrepreneur became an outspoken advocate for the union, making that classic threat to leave Scotland in the event of a Yes vote and take her business with her.

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