The internet has monumentally changed our world in just 40 years. If we harness the vision and belief of those innovators a low-carbon revolution is possible too

Do you really believe? I’m not asking if you ‘believe’ in climate change – thankfully that question has been delegated to the world of trolls. I mean, do you believe we can build a low-carbon economy in which 9 billion people thrive? That’s a much harder question for many of us. But until we all answer with a resounding ‘yes!’ we won’t move far or fast enough.

That low carbon transition requires mass re-engineering of our global infrastructure, economic systems and even our personal behaviours. The scale of revolution is admittedly hard to imagine, until you remember that we’ve already lived through one. And the leaders of that revolution unequivocally believed not only that it should happen, but that it would.

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Source: Guardian Environment