As the world gears up towards a crucial summit on tackling global warming, test your own green credentials with our quiz

1How certain is the UN’s Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change that humans are responsible for global warming?65%75%85%95%2Which is the world’s biggest producer and consumer of energy?the USChinaIndiathe European Union3How many degrees has the world warmed since the large scale burning of fossil fuels began with the industrial revolution?0.1C1C10C100C4Who described the planet as “an immense pile of filth” earlier this year?Barack ObamaDonald Trumpthe Dalai Lamathe Pope5How did US senator James Inhofe attempt to demonstrate that global warming is ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?’he tried to put climate change scientists under criminal investigationhe threw a snowball across the floor of the US senatehe built an igloo outside the Capitol with signs that read “Al Gore’s home” and “honk if you love global warming”all of the above6What did Peabody, the world’s largest private coal firm, attempt to rebrand coal as a solution to?diseasepovertythe global economic crisisunhappiness7What is permafrost?the final ice layer to melt in the Arcticthe extra ice layer created when rain falls on top of icehigh carbon soil that has been frozen for more than two yearsthe frost created during a night-time snowfall, dreaded by skiers and gritters everywhere8What was the little ice age?The period in the middle of the century when temperatures droppedA cold period in the Northern Hemisphere around 500 years agoThe name given to the time when climate change scepticism became popular in the USA Disney film, rediscovered in the archives last year9What does the “350” in the environmental movement stand for?the level of CO2 that can safely remain in the atmospherethe number of months, on current trends, until the next great mass extinction of species on earththe number of times oil giant ExxonMobil has denied denying climate changethe number of proven fossil fuel reserves that companies own but cannot be burned if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change10Who or what is El Niño?the Costa Rican diplomat leading UN climate change talks in Paris this Decembera weather phenomenon that can warm the seas, prompting drought and floodingthe Spanish judge who is redefining environmental crimes in international law as crimes against humanityBrazil’s largest, scandal-hit oil giant11What’s going on in Paris next month?A mass participation sporting event to raise awareness of air pollutionThe mass destruction of tonnes of tonnes of illegal ivoryA landmark UN climate change conference to create a new deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissionsThe world’s biggest eco-art exhibition

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Source: Guardian Environment