Greece will head back to the polling booths as Alexis Tsipras decides to resign to tackle dissent within his own party over the bailout

4.51pm BST

The European Central Bank has just confirmed that Greece has repaid the €3.4bn of bonds which matured today (using the new bailout loans handed over this morning).

The ECB confirms that all Greek government bonds maturing today and owed to the ECB and Eurosystem NCBs have been repaid by Greece

4.36pm BST

My colleague Jon Henley sums up the situation:

The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has decided to step down and call snap elections for 20 September, government officials said.

As the debt-crippled country received the first tranche of its new €86bn (£61bn) bailout, Tsipras was set to make the formal announcement later on Thursday, government sources told Reuters.

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