Lord Browne’s career has seen good times and bad: and coincidentally, his new book discusses how firms should tackle disastrous turns of events

Lord Browne is no stranger to crises, both professional and personal. His reign as chief executive of oil giant BP was marred by the Texas City refinery explosion in 2005, in which 15 people died. And his BP career ended prematurely two years later after he lied to a court about the manner in which he had met his boyfriend.

Nevertheless, Lord Browne, 67, is recognised as a wise veteran of the business world. His comeback was helped by a stint as a senior government adviser on business until last year. He has written a book, The Glass Closet, about being homosexual in the workplace. He has even re-entered the oil business, becoming executive chairman of Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman’s LetterOne group, with $10bn of Russian cash.

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Source: Guardian Environment