A recent study conducted by a Cologne-based research consultancy GmBH has predicted that around 300 new sorting and recycling plants for plastic waste will be commissioned by 2025 with the capacity process more than five million tonnes of plastic waste.

In 2014, there were reportedly over 66 billion PET bottles recycled alone, but the study suggested that the new EU Waste Directive Framework was likely to incentivise a strong increase.

The news suggests optimism for the creation of more effective infrastructure for plastics recycling, it also highlights the potential impacts that government legislation can have in the marketplace.

Of course, developing logistics structure and recycling are just a part of the picture. The transition to a more effective circular economy model still requires new product design with a better and healthier selection of materials, including plastics, which can be more effectively disassembled, reused and recycled (as a last resort).

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