UK-based energy company Ecotricity has announced its plans to build three hybrid renewable energy parks, which will bring a mix of wind and sun power generation onto the same site. The parks will combine the two energy types into the same grid and are designed to provide a more consistent level of supply than either wind or solar farms.

Two of the parks are being created by simply adding solar panels to existing wind farms, located in Lincolnshire and Devon. A third park is being developed in Leicestershire, which will bring together solar PV panels and wind turbines from the beginning. In total, the three parks are expected to add 15MW of solar capacity, while producing enough energy to power 3,000 homes.

The developmental step seems to make sense and intuitively seems like a natural step forward for renewable energy. Ecotricity’s energy parks double their chances of being able to supply electrical power and should be more effective because they do not have to rely upon a single energy source.

Source: Ecotricity to Marry Sun and Wind In Hybrid Clean Energy Parks

Lead image licensed under CC – credit Flickr user: Duke Energy

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