Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of interesting circular economy related stories and articles. This Friday, we’re talking about an Internet of Things demonstrator city, the evolving renewable energy market and the place where you can catch three fascinating talks on circular economy related issues…

Innovate UK’s Internet of Things city demonstrator project enters its final phase this month. The process will select one UK city to be a “demonstrator” of large-scale IoT deployment, where everyday objects are connected to a network in order to share their data. The proposals from cities are expected to show how IoT might benefit citizens quality of life environmentally and economically, while improving the delivery of services such as transport, energy and healthcare. The winning local authority could receive up to £10 million from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

“End users are paving a new path to renewables” according Sarah Benn Penndorf of 3Degrees writing in Clean Technica. In an interesting article on the state of renewable energy, Penndorf argues that a renewable energy tipping point has been reached where a thriving marketplace is developing. She points out that the world’s largest corporations are investing in it, while access for startups and individuals simultaneously increases. She concludes her articles by suggesting that we have reached the “tipping point” for renewable energy, in particular in relation to the way that  corporate and institutional organisations treat it.

Ongoing right now, the Disruptive Innovation Festival is a three-week, online and open access event that aims to answer the question: “the economy is changing, what do I need to know, experience and do?” The event’s first week ends today and there are already lots of things to catch up on, as well as a loaded schedule in weeks 2 and 3. In particular, we’d suggest taking a look at the three headline acts:

Robin Chase – The Collaborative Economy

Tim Brown – Think Like A Designer

L. Hunter Lovins – Natural Capitalism [recording to be made available today]

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