Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of interesting circular economy related stories and articles. In this edition, we’re recommending articles on biomimicry, the impact of the Internet of Things on renewable energy and the growing applications of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology.

Curt McNamara describes the inseparable link between biomimicry design and taking a systems lens view in a blog for the Biomimicry Institute. The approach, which he outlines as: “stop to look up, down and sideways”, is about exploring boundaries, patterns and connections.

We’re always interested in looking beyond “cool tech” when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), and in exploring valuable applications. Have a look at this Quora post where different authors have contributed seven connections between the growth of renewables and IoT. There’s a number of examples including energy startups utilising IoT and using solar panels as data transmitters as well as energy transmitters.

Finally, we’re recommending this short video, which appears on the Wall Street Journal, on the new applications for Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. The underlying tech behind the digital currency is now even being adopted by many of the world’s largest banks!

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