The US retailer broke new ground when it first hit the British high street, but its edginess and internet porn aesthetic ended up tarnishing its image

American Apparel has become so synonymous with controversy that it is easy to forget why anyone cared about it in the first place. But when the US chain first brought its lurid leggings and spandex crop tops to Britain, it broke new ground on the high street.

In the noughties, American Apparel’s offering was precise and unique. It took the cheap, sporty basics that were included as little more than an afterthought at its competitors and made them sexy and covetable. Its leggings were not just leggings, they were high-shine “disco pants” more suited to dance floors than yoga mats. Its crop tops and cutout leotards were edgy and highly revealing – perfect for its key customers, twentysomething club kids.

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