There is a growing momentum behind the idea that the circular economy model represents a positive way forward for the global economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Towards the Circular Economy reports (vol. 1-3) found a $1 trillion opportunity for businesses moving to circular models. The more recent Growth Within, found that combining a transition to circular economy models with the benefits of the impending technology revolution could create a net benefits of €1.8tr in Europe by 2030, more than twice the calculated benefits on the current development path.

In addition to the facts and figures, there are also a growing number of case studies and examples of companies, start-ups and governmental initiatives applying the circular economy model successfully in their spheres of operation.

A new report released this week by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) and titled, “Achieving the Circular Economy: How the Private Sector Is Reimagining the Future of Business”, explores a combination of the latest circular economy thinking and some of the most pertinent examples in the U.S. market. The report was support by Veolia North America and DOW and produced in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

At its core, “Achieving the Circular Economy” is about demonstrating just how successful the circular economy is today, as well as pointing towards the potential opportunities in the future. The report covers a range activities from different companies across a number of sectors. Electronics and technology, plastics and packaging, manufacturing and finance are all explored.

The intention is to be deliberately discursive and the authors of the report will take part in two webinars next week to dig deeper into the circular economy strategies featured.

On November 17, Ellen MacArthur Foundation CEO, Andrew Morlet will feature as part of a panel discussion hosted by GreenBiz. On November 20, Scott O’Connell, director of environmental affairs at Dell, and Ed Pinero, senior vice-president for sustainability, Veolia North America, will take part in a Disruptive Innovation Festival session.

Details of the two webinars and how to access the report:

Download the report

GreenBiz webinar – November 17, 18:00 GMT

Disruptive Innovation Festival webinar – November 20, 16:00 GMT

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