Are spiders scared of conkers, peppermint or the colour blue? As a £2,000 anti-spider shed goes on sale, we investigate creepy-crawly deterrents – and whether we really need them

With autumn’s mists and mellow fruitfulness come a prevalence of spiders, mainly of the male variety, searching for a female to mate with. While the eight-legged creatures are an awe-inspiring part of nature to many, they are a detestable pest to some – which is where a new shed comes in.

The world’s first “spider-proof” shed is designed by a company called Tiger Sheds. With airtight windows and draft-sealed doors, it offers owners a “10-year anti-spider-infestation guarantee” for £2,000. The shed comes in light blue, a colour “scientifically proven” to repel the creatures. As an optional extra, insecticides, peppermint and citrus can be impregnated into the wood, while a “No spiders allowed” sign is supplied as standard, just in case any spiders can read.

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Source: Guardian Environment