Readers react to Theresa May’s threatened withdrawal of the winter fuel allowance and point out the increased number of deaths in custody or due to cold or air pollution in the years since she became home secretary

Eight letters on the inheritance issue (20 May) but the real problem for most pensioners in the here and now is the threat to withdraw the winter fuel allowance from all but the very poorest pensioners (those on pension credit who actually apply for it – the Tories are still not saying where the axe might fall, but the threshold has to be low to raise the money).

For most of us just above the threshold this is crucial, amounting to a removal of most of the pension increase for this year. This is the issue Labour should be campaigning on. (We’re less bothered about our inheritance as we’ll be dead then, but don’t expect to leave much more than £100,000 in any event.)
Chris Morris

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Source: Guardian Climate Change