With his yen for monomaniacal oddballs and love of an unhappy ending, the German film-maker is surely the perfect person to tackle a Trump biopic

As we inch towards day 100 of his ignoble reign, it is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump is going to remain president of the United States for a fair while yet (bar a sudden and unlikely show of courage from Republican politicians). Which means at some point we’ll have to start thinking about those big questions around the legacy of POTUS 45. What, for example, will a Trump presidential library look like? Will it contain three books or four? Which of the faces on Mount Rushmore is Trump going to replace with his own visage? And most importantly of all, for film fans at least – who will direct Trump: The Movie?

Because make no mistake, there will be a Trump movie. We’re only a few months into his presidency and already HBO have announced that a miniseries about his election win is in the works. From cable news to late-night chat shows, television has turned the Trump presidency into a licence to print money, which you have to imagine is attracting envious glances from the film industry. Surely it’s not a question of if but when – and of who should direct it.

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Source: Guardian Climate Change