A recent report released by UPS and GreenBiz titled, “The Growth of the Circular Economy”, includes a survey of circular economy knowledge among executives and thoughts leaders in a corporate context, with a strong weighting towards the USA.

The goal of the research was to capture an understanding of the growth of the circular economy concept within a business context, a new model where resources are kept in use and at their highest utility for as long as possible. 85% of respondents were USA based, which makes the results interesting as the concept is only just beginning to gain traction in that market. Download the full report from GreenBiz. Here are some of the key insights:

  • Knowledge of the term and of specific case studies is high, even among businesses that are not yet adopting circular thinking.
  • Understanding the market business landscape and profitability opportunities is both the biggest draw and the biggest barrier for business leaders.
  • The circular economy will either need to enhance the cost or convenience benefits for consumers.

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