Lacie Richardson is hoping her troll-caught Alaskan salmon will catch on with sustainably minded American shoppers

Lacie Richardson, a poet and Colorado native, first fell in love with Alaska’s waterways as a junior in college. Richardson spent a year studying at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau as part of an exchange program. When she wasn’t in class, she was fly fishing. “I kind of became known in the community as this crazy, wild fly-fishing girl who was out on the river every day the second my class was out,” Richardson says. “People would see me hiking up some river with my rod, or trying to fly from the side of the beach.”

Richardson returned to Colorado for her final semester of college and graduated with a degree in English. The day after graduation, she got a call from the captain of a commercial fishing boat in Alaska. He was looking for crew for his boat, he said, and a mutual friend had told him all about the fly-fishing girl in Juneau – had Richardson ever considered working in the commercial fishing industry?

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Source: Guardian Environment