Delaying a decision on the planned nuclear plant has done more than merely ruffle diplomatic feathers

Eight long years in the making: the plans to build Hinkley Point C have been beset by delays and difficulties. In recent months, the government has pressed French company EDF for a decision to proceed, while EDF has resisted setting a timetable. But last Thursday, the tables turned dramatically: EDF finally signalled its go-ahead, then just hours later, the government announced it would delay its final decision on the project.

The delay was not without risks. It has certainly ruffled diplomatic feathers, given China’s significant stake in the project. And it will create yet more uncertainty in an energy industry in which certainty is critical to fostering long-term investment. But it was the right decision, in light of serious concerns about whether the project represents value for money and the security risks of depending on Chinese investment for a project so critical to long-term national security.

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Source: Guardian Environment