How to live off the land without doing a complete downshift

When Monty Don recently put his wellington boot into self-sufficiency, writing in Gardeners’ World magazine that living off the land was a “non-starter”, I was surprised. I didn’t believe anybody actually followed John Seymour’s 1976 Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency to the letter any more. That’s the type of all-consuming, no-consuming living off the land that leads – in Monty’s eyes – to failure, bad breath and possibly malnutrition.

But if the good life is still your dream, lists UK communities that are looking for members. These communities are outstanding examples of permaculture – sustainable, self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems – and provide inspiration for those of us who don’t subscribe to the hard labour of the full downshift but do fancy trying “self-provisioning”, usually defined as growing part of your diet yourself.

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Source: Guardian Environment