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Dividing a small rate of deaths in the worst area by the even smaller rate in the best areas makes the worst look twice as bad (UK baby deaths ‘still influenced by where you live’, 17 May). But 99.21% of babies survive in the worst areas and 99.59% in the best areas. (Infant mortality is expressed as per 1,000 births precisely because it is so low, so a difference of less than 10 per thousand equates to less than a 1% difference.) If employment rates or exam results were this close, governments would call it a great success.
Peter West

• The housing market sees a 2.5% price surge in March and the average London home increased in value by £28,000 in one month (Report, 18 May). This is a capital gain greater than my son’s annual take-home pay as a sixth form teacher in Islington, but according to the Bank of England the market is “on watch” for evidence of overheating. Is Mark Carney wearing an asbestos suit?
John Bailey
Farnborough, Hampshire

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Source: Guardian Environment