Vikos Gorge, Greece Wrapped right around our planet from Alaska to Vladivostok, these migrant birds are draining south now among us all

This extraordinary Epirot valley is claimed to be the world’s deepest gorge, and from a spot called Beloi it seemed a reasonable notion. Yet it must be said that reason is the part of human equipment least appropriate to this experience. For, just to get there, you had to descend through a scramble of boulders and use all four limbs in tandem to map the next small awkward advance; until finally, at the canyon rim, where a chest-high wall enclosed a small soil-floored cup with standing room for five, you looked out, and it hit you.

How bizarre, you reflected later, that, poised on the edge of all this nothing – the guard wall balanced above a chasm of 700 metres – and with only the exquisite liquid quality of Greek light between you and mountains perhaps 20km away, you had suddenly felt lost for air.

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Source: Guardian Environment