It is easy sometimes to wonder whether our governments care about anything except money; yet they refuse to put a monetary value on those aspects of life that lend enchantment (Mary Dejevsky, Quality of life has a price. The frackers should pay it, 17 October). A beautiful view is one of these; so is peace and quiet. So is the ability to keep one’s windows open at night.

These blessings are disappearing at great speed, as the skies fill up, and as lorries, cars and machines are added to our beloved landscapes. We are told that “those affected by fracking” might be compensated, but I do not believe that many people would rather have £10,000 than the peace and quiet, and the grassy view that will vanish, with their clean drinking water, as the frackers appear. It is generally noise that provides the majority of council complaints. For example, between January and September 2014, councils in the UK received 200,220 noise complaints, almost half the total number (Report, 18 March 2014).

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Source: Guardian Environment