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The Guardian’s reporting of the recent case of 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi’s conviction under Israeli martial law (Palestinian girl, 12, freed from Israeli jail, 26 April) failed to point out that such a law is, in fact, entirely British. On 7 June 1967, the commander of the IDF in the West Bank, Chaim Herzog, issued Security Provisions Order Proclamation No 3 which imposed such a system of military justice on the occupied territories, which was nothing other than the 1945 Defence (Emergency) Regulations instituted by the British mandatory government in its struggle to defeat Jewish terrorism. This British law has never been revoked or reformed, and still applies in the occupied territories today.
Julian Wilson

• The caption to the photo on the letters page (27 April) suggests pheasants are often shy. Not round here. You can ask Phil the pheasant who regularly walks our garden with his two female companions and of whom I have a photo sitting on the second tier of one of our bird feeders while feasting on the fat balls on the one above.
Ken Cordingley
Williton, Somerset

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