As his #wheredovesdie trip to Malta shows, Packham uses his celebrity status to promote good causes, even if it means making a few enemies

Love him or loathe him Chris Packham is a hard man to ignore. Recently returned from Malta, where he has been for a second time to highlight the massacre of thousands of birds on migration by Maltese hunters, he came up with the hash tag #wheredovesdie in tribute to the late singer Prince. The idea was to draw attention to the plight of the declining turtle dove. In 2014 he was intimidated by hunters and then threatened with arrest for his efforts. This time he has been accused of being an “unethical fake and a liar” by the hunters’ federation chief executive Lino Farrugia and declared a persona non grata on the island.

Packham has been credited in the media with waging war on everything from pandas to insect-eating celebrities

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Source: Guardian Environment