Donald Trump crosses threshold to claim Republican nomination; another Berkeley student details sexual harassment; antibiotic resistance gene discovered in woman

Barack Obama visited Hiroshima on Friday, the first sitting US president to do so. “Seventy one years ago on a bright cloudless morning death fell from the sky and the world’s was changed,” he said, adding that the atomic bomb had “demonstrated that mankind held the means to destroy itself.” But Obama offered no apology for US use of the weapon, which is generally held to have brought about the end of the conflict in the Pacific. The president – who has campaigned for nuclear disarmament – laid a wreath at the stark concrete memorial arch in the Japanese city and said mankind’s “unmatched capacity for destruction” and its drive for “domination and conquest” came from the same source as its creativity and innovation. But the splitting of the atom also required a “moral revolution”, he said. “We can learn and choose, tell our children of a common humanity that makes war less likely.”

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Source: Guardian Environment