A paper out this week estimates that the diseases brought on by inactivity have a huge price tag for the global economy

New research published in peer-reviewed medical journal the Lancet attempts to put a price tag on our latest health crisis: sitting too much. According to an international team of researchers, a sedentary lifestyle cost the world a whopping $67.5bn in 2013. That’s equivalent to the total GDP of Costa Rica in the same year.

In modern life, there is more temptation than ever to spend most of the day sitting. Between the prevalence of desk jobs and the 2.8 hours of TV the average American watches each day, we’re all guilty of some couch potato tendencies. Most office workers don’t take a lunch break, eating instead at their desks, further cutting down time spent on their feet. We commute to work in cars, and on buses and trains, adding more sedentary time to our day.

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Source: Guardian Environment