London’s new mayor must re-define the nature of the job if he’s to make a real difference on transport, housing, policing and social exclusion in the capital

The euphoria surrounding Sadiq Khan’s election as London’s new mayor is now giving way to the annoying persistence of reality. The fact of his being a Muslim has generated headlines round the world and a transatlantic set-to with Donald Trump. The symbolism of Khan prevailing in the face of the muck thrown at him by Zac Goldsmith and his media allies is glorious. But now the hard graft of keeping the promises he made to voters has begun. It’s time to think about what Khan could achieve in his new job over the next four years.

Too often since its creation at the start of the century the London mayoralty has been seen as little more than a showman’s platform, its powers and influence dismissed as insignificant. Khan’s passion for winning City Hall and the purposeful way he went about it suggest a politician equipped to make full use of the potential of his office and re-define it as an institution. What will qualify as success?

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Source: Guardian Environment