The Coalition prepares to bring registered organisations bill to crack down on unions while the windfarm commissioner will appear before Senate estimates. Follow the day’s news live …

4.53am BST

Next Dixer question is to justice minister Michael Keenan. Again, unions. This time Kathy Jackson and Kimberly Kitching.

4.50am BST

Dreyfus to Turnbull: I refer to the prime minister’s answer just now and ask again. Can the prime minister advise the House whether he donated $2 million or more than $2 million to the Liberal Party during the election? The prime minister knows the answer, why won’t he tell us?

Christopher Pyne says the question is a red herring and is not within the prime minister’s responsibilities.

I have been scrupulous in disclosures of donations and receipts of donations under the electoral Act. I don’t wish to make a big point of it but the honourable member opposite, of course, overlooked a donation for eight years.

Now what the honourable member is asking me to do is to make a disclosure in advance of it being disclosed under the Act. Any disclosures I make were made in accordance with law and to the Electoral Commission and are then disclosed by the AEC at the normal time. I comply scrupulously with the law and the honourable member would be well advised to look to his own party to ensure that they do so too.

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Source: Guardian Environment