The owner of Otter Farm, Mark Diacono, says we need to make mistakes when cooking.

But he won’t be making any this weekend as he takes over Cook’s Instagram account. Follow us: @guardian_cook

My kitchen is … big, light and brand new. We recently built our house, so it was the chance to design it from scratch. I never thought I’d go for the modern, clean, German aesthetic, but I did: it’s all horizontal, clean lines with no handles – I’m not a visually fussy person. The worktops are all stainless steel with charcoal-coloured cabinets and a light greenish-grey limestone floor. Everything is put away, except for the mixer and a few things on an island in the middle. I’ve one big fat shelf – about 75mm thick – along one wall with lots of jars of things fermenting.

My favourite kitchen tool is … my frying pan. Frying pans have long pissed me off in every way – they stick unless they’re non-stick, but then you have the chemical coating; they’re impossible to clean … But recently I got one from Netherton Foundry, and it’s solved everything. It works a treat; it’s the perfect big size. It makes me happy.

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Source: Guardian Climate Change