David Cameron has bequeathed Britain the worst deal in the history of procurement. May cannot cave in like she did with Trident

The message of last night’s Hinkley Point fiasco could not be clearer. The project cannot go ahead. But who in government has the guts to say so?

No one without an interest in this £18bn project believes it should proceed. The sole interest of the French and Chinese builders is that David Cameron, in the worst deal in the history of procurement, effectively stuffed their pockets with gold. The gold was to come from future British taxpayers and energy consumers, over an astonishing 30 years. Even then, directors and employees at the French firm, EDF, ran for the hills. Yesterday its board voted to go ahead only on a narrow majority, before jumping into their limousines for a signing ceremony in Somerset. When they arrived, the British energy secretary, Greg Clark, humiliated them by cancelling.

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Source: Guardian Environment