Insects are going to be a significant part of the future of food. There are an increasing number of examples of the potential of insects, particularly in terms of its utilisation in animal feed. In a warehouse in Atlanta, Grubbly Farms are aiming to take it to the next level building an automated system to feed black solider fly larvae food waste and then use those larvae in agriculture.

Highly advanced technology is being developed by the Grubbly Farms co-founders, where food waste is weighed and the precise correct amount is fed to the insects living in containers stacked in a large warehouse. The entire process is automated to the extent that it even spits the bugs out, processes them, and delivers the bags of insect protein along with a fertiliser byproduct. Once this greenhouse style farm is fully established, it should become economically preferable compared against incumbent chicken feed options in the market.

Wasted fruit and vegetable pulp from a local juice company currently provides feedstock for the startup grub farm, who are collaborating with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy Technology as an accelerator. They are also developing a relationship with an industrial bakery, which throws out 20 tonnes of food waste every week.


Source: In An Atlanta Warehouse, Grubbly Is Building A Giant Bug-Growing Machine

Lead image: Image: theilr / Flickr CC BY SA



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