On issues from air pollution to civil liberties, elected Greens ask difficult questions – as a result, the establishment sees us as a threat

Elected Greens are being systematically monitored by the Metropolitan police because we do not buy into the ideas that uphold the establishment status quo. We ask difficult questions, we often support people who are causing waves, and we promote policies that mainstream politicians feel threatened by.

We are part of a wider movement for change and we do our bit to defend people whose right to protest is under threat. For example, I have been a big defender of the monthly Critical Mass bike ride in London, the peaceful protesters at G8 and the student demonstrations. However it’s worth noting that I’ve also sat down with senior police officers to discuss issues such as how they deal with people trafficking, FGM, wildlife crime and hit-and-run drivers, and how they catch all sorts of other criminals. I’ve helped steer policing policy and earned respect from the senior ranks. Unlike most people on their domestic extremism database, I am known to them personally. We sit down for coffee, and we generally get on well.

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Source: Guardian Environment