An electric, zero-emission version of the three-wheeled tuk-tuk is being billed as a short-distance rival to Uber and taxis in Europe, Africa and Asia

Anyone who has been in Bangkok, Delhi or Cairo will be familiar with the lawnmower whirr of the mighty tuk-tuk. Nimble enough to weave through traffic jams and narrow streets, the three-wheeled auto rickshaw is one of the most convenient ways of getting around congested cities in the developing world. For residents, they tend to be cheaper than taxis. For tourists, they offer the novelty of an open-air view.

Unfortunately, they are also noisy and highly polluting, black smoke spewing from the exhaust. A handful of companies believe they have a solution: an electric, zero-emission version of the three-wheeled vehicle. And they hope the clean (and quiet) technology can help popularise the tuk-tuk on the more ordered roads of the western world.

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Source: Guardian Environment