River Teifi, Cardigan They plunged into the water to emerge with twigs, which they threw in the air and caught like children

Above Pont y Cleifion, tidal reaches of the river Teifi run wide between banks of feathery, blond phragmites. White mist clung to the water as I walked along the southern bank, the sky an unsullied blue. Upriver the sun rose through thinning vapours. Gilded streamers followed the draining tide as it swirled through whirlpools under the bridge. The morning world glistened.

A school of gulls occupied mud-banks opposite Rosehill marsh. Some people like warblers; others finches; there are raptor enthusiasts. My preferences are for Laridae and Corvidae – gulls and crows, both of which get a bad press. I find them endlessly fascinating.

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Source: Guardian Climate Change