A conference table with tomato plants growing on it and broccoli sprouts in the reception area are apparently just part of everyday life for workers in the office buildings at Pasona, based in Tokyo, Japan. Kono Designs, a New York based firm, has taken urban farming to a new level by creating a space that allows, and encourages, employees to use their workspace to grow their own food. 

3,995 square metres of the total 19,974 in the office are dedicated to space where over 200 species of fruits, vegetables and plants are grown. Reportedly, all of the food is harvested, prepared and served in the buildings on-site cafeterias. The employees are encouraged to maintain the crops, supported by a team of agricultural specialists.

The Pasona Urban Farm project is one of the most impressive of its kind, shortening the supply chain to the point where it is just about as short as it can be. See some pictures and learn more about the project from the link below.

Source: Pasona Urban Farm by Kono Designs

Lead image: Photo credit: Daniel Kulinski via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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