An exotic visitor that pitched up on the south coast of England may have come partway by ship, wherever it really came from. Sadly rescuers are struggling to save it

It’s not every day that a red-footed booby lands on the shores of Britain. Yet on Sunday 4 September, a bedraggled specimen came to rest on the beach at St Leonards-On-Sea near Hastings on the south coast of the UK. According to a story on the Daily Mail website, the wayward bird was “6,000 miles from home”.

The blown-off-course booby was spotted by local resident Gail Cohen who was having brunch in her beach hut with a friend. She’d seen the species on a trip to the Galapagos so knew instantly that it was from far afield. “It went to sleep on the beach and I knew there was definitely something wrong so I called the rescue service,” she told the Mail. Since then, the RSPCA at nearby Mallydams Wood has been giving round-the-clock intensive care to the rarity.

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Source: Guardian Environment