The end of April is upon us! Circulate on Fridays celebrates by sharing a couple of different perspectives on the transition from the circular economy appearing as an attractive business concept, to new models being applied in practice. Meanwhile, we highlight the design trend that could hold the key to unlocking renewable energy, invite you to watch an expert on controlling smarter-than-human AI and much more.

A new report by Morgan Stanley’s Sustainability Equity Research team argues that new technology and incoming legislation globally is opening up business opportunities based on the circular economy concept. It’s one of the first statements of its kind on the circular economy via Morgan Stanley. The global financial service firm is reportedly writing a series of reports on the impact of the circular economy on a range of market sectors.

It resonates strongly with a piece that featured on the Daily Planet powered by Climate-KIC, which asked whether increasing awareness of the circular economy is translating into business practice. Gina Lovett argues that creating a shared vision is fundamental, and that there are real signs of a new circular age is dawning.

How do we ensure that as artificial intelligence develops, it produces positive outcomes for people and the economy? Fortunately, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) has been looking into precisely that, watch this video featuring the institute’s executive director, Nate Soares.

Could biomimicry hold the key to unlocking renewable energy technologies? Read this piece to learn how humpback whale fins can reduce wind turbine blade turbulence, how fern leaves provide clues for energy storage, and much more.

In automotive news, Renault has announced the latest electric vehicle (EV) milestone signing a 100,000th EV battery leasing contract through RCI Bank and Services. Renault offered battery leasing right from the start with the launch of its first electric vehicle, and now 93% of their European customers lease their EV battery.

Apparently, Uber is no longer just about cars. In fact, they’ve announced a desire to trial a network of electric flying taxi planes in cities by 2020. It’s an idea that sounds slightly ‘whacky’, and it’s difficult to envision how it might contribute in a significant way to city travel in the future, but we’re not too judgmental here at Circulate on Fridays. Who’s up for taking a trip to Dallas or Dubai in 2020 to test out Uber Elevate?

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