Every Friday, Circulate rounds up a collection of interesting circular economy related stories and articles. This Friday, we highlight 8 videos that explain the circular economy, what smart cities can learn from businesses, H&M’s circular economy ambitions for fibres and looking at the future of autonomous vehicles in cities.

This week, the World Economic Forum Agenda blog published an article bringing together the “8 videos that explain the circular economy”. Included in this selection are short interviews with Ellen MacArthur, Philips CEO, Frans van Houten and cradle-to-cradle pioneer William McDonough. It’s a valuable collection of video content connecting the circular economy with new business models, design and systems innovation and the role of policy and consumers.

Every city should ask itself two questions in the age of autonomous taxis. The argument is made by Devin Liddell, Churu Yun and Eric Spiegelman in a recent Fast Company piece, which starts off by stipulating that self-driving taxi services are technologically inevitable and then asks what that might mean for society, more specifically, cities as a whole. The two questions are, firstly who will own the data and how will the use it? Secondly, who will own the autonomous taxi network itself? Ownership will continue to be a significant question in a context where data security and the threat of automated tech eroding human jobs will continue to be societal concerns.

Circular economy appeared as a key theme in H&M’s conscious actions sustainability report 2015. The company made significant strides in terms of reusing cotton and other materials in the manufacturing of their clothing, but creating a more circular and effective fibres sector still obviously represents a huge challenge.

In a smart and more connected economic era, Kaushik Pal writes on the potential for businesses to learn from the evolution of smart cities. Among the key points in his piece, which appears in Data Informed, he argues that balancing growth with data security, cross-department and division understanding and broad collaborations. The article contains interesting reflections on the future of businesses and cities.

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