A new investment package of €222.7 million from the EU budget has been set aside to support Europe’s transition a low-carbon future with a particular focus on supporting initiatives that complement the circular economy package.


EU Funding is spurring additional circular economy investments, which brings the total funding up until just under €400 million, being invested in 144 projects across 23 EU countries.


Announcing the funding, the EU Commission emphasised that relatively simple ideas can create highly profitable businesses with consequential benefits for the environment. From investment into new electric transport, to more effective treatment and re-utilisation of wastewater, the areas being financed are quite diverse.

Of course, many of the inititatives are still a little end-of-pipe and waste orientated, but inspired by incoming legislation around the EU’s implementation of the Paris Agreement, there continue to be positive signs for funding to support business innovation around the circular economy.

Source: European Commission Invests €220m In Circular Projects

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